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About Us

The reason for our existence is simple: To worship God!

But… we believe that worshiping God is so much more than singing a song at church. It’s a lifestyle - a lifestyle of loving our families, our friends, strangers, our enemies, and helping those in need. Worship is not an action, it’s a way of life. Taking the love that God has shown us, and showing it to others in many different ways.

Helping. Serving. Loving.

That is true worship, and THAT is why we are here!

Our Story

We are people - adults, children, single people, families, widows, and widowers. People with joys and sorrows, going through this journey of life. The only thing that really separates us from anyone else, is that we’ve come to a realization that we need some help along life’s road. And, we turn to God to give us that help, and we lean on each other along the way! We’ve found that these two things: God and God’s family, make all the difference in this world. We welcome you to become a part of our family!

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